Book 1 of The Selected Series

A cruel imprisonment. A pulse-pounding escape. And a shocking secret that changes everything.

Seventeen-year-old Rory O’Shannon is used to the bullies. She’s accustomed to hunger pangs. She’s even getting used to the nightmares that have tormented her ever since the New Government dragged her father away in the middle of the night.

But nothing can prepare Rory for what happens once she’s sent to a labor camp and tortured inside an underground prison. There she meets a mysterious and handsome boy who knows a secret about her. Together they make a harrowing escape. And that’s when Rory is forced to do unimaginable things to try to stay alive.

Soon she discovers the astonishing secret that everyone has been hiding from her. And then she finds out she possesses an amazing power that no one else has—a hidden power that the New Government is desperate to uncover.

Will Rory and her family survive being targeted by the deadly New Government?

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