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Rebecca Hope lives in Minnesota with two dogs and a herd of cats.  In the summer you can find her outside looking for agates, trying to persuade the mice to stop nesting in her ’52 Chevy, and playing with all the cats and dogs. In the winter you’ll find her hunched over her computer, clutching a cup of hot chocolate (extra marshmallows, please) and staring at a blank screen.

Fortunately, some days the words flow easily, which is how the “The Selected Series” was born.  Book 1 is now available.  To find out about upcoming releases, to get freebies, and to get sneak peeks at Book 2, please fill in the form to join the free newsletter over there on the right. –>

OK, I’m done talking about myself in third person.  If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, just fill in the contact form below…

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